Mueller and Dome Rock

Date: 4/12/2018
Who: myself
Length: about 11 miles
Time: 6 hours
Weather: about 50 degrees, windy

Mueller State Park is located west of Pikes Peak, less than a 1 hour drive from Colorado Springs. It adjoins Dome Rock State Wildlife Area. Dogs are not allowed on the trails in either area. I camped in the park campground one night, and spent the next day wandering around the trails.

My route started at the park visitor center. I hiked several trails which together formed a 11 mile loop. I reached the Hammer overlook, from which I could see Dome Rock. However, I did not make it all the way to the rock. I hiked all day without encountering another person until the last mile.

The trails on this hike were mostly well marked and easy to follow, with some exceptions. A map is a good idea. For route-finding, I used my old Pikes Peak Atlas map, which is no longer published. If I were going to buy a map today, I’d consider Pocket Pals. Free trail maps of the two areas are available from the state park and wildlife area sites linked above.

antler bone on the trail

I’d like to go back to try the loop trail around Dome Rock. However, it is open to the public only from July 15 – Nov. 31, in order give a bighorn sheep herd protected land during calving season.

This hike followed the BLUE line:

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3 thoughts on “Mueller and Dome Rock

  1. We were excited to see a new hike update! Cordelia said “Yaay!” And she thought the views were pretty. Finnegan said thanks for showing us. I wondered if the camping was at a campgrounds or primitive…tent or popup (do you even still have that?) That antler and landscape photo was nice, and I liked the historical structural remains. Wanna see some bighorn sheep by the Dome, ha! Keep wandering…and we’ll keep reading and watching.

    • Hi Chance, Thanks for the comments. I camped at the state park campground this time, which is developed including electric hookups and bathrooms with running water. I used the small tent, because I’m trying to get used to some new gear in preparation for a longer hike planned for this Summer. Love ya!

  2. Chris,
    I’m home now and able to view the video….wowza! What spectacular country to view, walk into, and breath the air. I, too, loved the “antler on the trail” photo. great pix.

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