Seven Bridges Trail and Mt. Buckhorn Trail

Date: 12/31/2011
Who: Sammy and myself
Length: 6 miles
Time: 4.5 hours
Weather: 36 degrees, sunny, windy

This was a challenging but rewarding loop around Mt. Kineo. We parked in the lot at the top of North Cheyenne Canyon Road where it intersects with Gold Camp Road. Then, took Gold Camp Road and Seven Bridges trail west along the south side of Mt. Kineo. We made our way through Jones Park to Bear Creek Canyon and then followed the Buckhorn trail along the north side of Mt. Kineo, and eventually, back to the parking lot.

In the Jones Park area, the trails were lightly traveled and the snow deep. I had some difficulty getting to trail 667 in Bear Creek Canyon. We made it, and my feet managed to stay dry and warm.

This hike follows the YELLOW line, not including the side-trip to the summit:

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One thought on “Seven Bridges Trail and Mt. Buckhorn Trail

  1. Okay, that was like watching a movie. I was yelling, “Don’t go any further, don’t go in the cave, turn around!” At least you had the nutrution of chex mix..haha!

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