Nelson Camp

Date: 1/15/2012
Who: Sammy and myself
Length: about 9 miles
Time: 6 hours
Weather: 50 degrees, overcast, breezy

I spent several hours on Saturday exploring the trails in North Cheyenne Canyon. Sammy and I returned to Seven Bridges trail and Jones Park. In Jones Park we took forest trail 720 in a northerly direction for awhile, then turned around and took forest trail 668 to a location called Nelson Camp on the map. Whatever it may have been at one time, there is not much left of Nelson Camp. I saw only the remnants of two small log structures. I Googled around for some information on the history of Nelson Camp but found none. Now I am even more curious.

I was hopeful for a day of great conditions, with a forecast of highs in the 50s. But, was a little bummed by the overcast clouds all day. My feet got wet from snow melt through my hiking shoes. I was wearing low-cut summer-type hiking shoes with gaiters and microspikes. The snow tended to collect right on the top of my toes and melt there. Another disappointment was that I lost my camera. Thus, no photos or video today. Dang!

Note to self: grapefruit wedges make a great trail snack!

One of my reasons behind today’s hike was to explore possible hiking routes from North Cheyenne Canyon Park, up to the peak of Almagre Mountain (12,367′). It is in my mind to do that one day. I believe that the north route is probably more advantageous–going through Jones Park on trail 720, then directly west along the north slope of Runs-Down-Fast Mountain and up to Almagre.

Another long hike to consider is a loop from North Cheyenne Canyon park up Seven Bridges, to Nelson Camp, to Frosty’s Park, up Mount Rosa (11,499′), then down through Buffalo Canyon and St. Mary’s Falls back to North Cheyenne Canyon park. That would be a long one, but do-able in a full day.

Update on 1/23/2012: Thanks to Annette from New Hampshire, my lost camera is returned! Added video and photos to the post…

This hike followed the RED line:

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3 thoughts on “Nelson Camp

  1. Hey Chris,
    I just queried a friend of mine who’s father used to tromp around the these mountains. He remembers hearing that Nelson Camp was a trappers camp. Don’t know if you’d noticed, but up the hill from the ruins of the cabin is a cage structure. There’s a geocache up there.
    I’ve done the Buffalo Creek Trail to the top of Mt. Rosa three times now. It’s a long hike (total 14 miles from the Gold Camp parking lot), but a beautiful route. You’re post here is some 18 months ago, you’ve probably already done the climb. But do it in early July and you’ll see the bi-jillions of ladybugs at the summit. 🙂

  2. Just looking for info on camp nelson. My dad just telling stories of hiking up and staying in one around 1949. Said forest service tore then down. Thought they were for terburculosis patients.

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