Gog and Magog

Date: 08/06/2015
Who: myself and Sammy
Length: about 9 miles (4.5 out + 4.5 back)
Time: 6 hours
Weather: 85-90 degrees, sunny

My goal for this hike was to locate a trail that I was not able to find on last year’s Cameron Cone hike. I did figure out where I made the wrong turn last summer. It feels good to close that gap in my knowledge of local trails. Although, Cameron Cone continues to be a challenging and enigmatic peak. It is so close to Colorado Springs, yet very difficult to access.

Today’s route started in Manitou Springs. I had to park down in Manitou because the Barr Trail lot was full. We hiked up Ruxton Avenue, and then Barr Trail to the Englemann Canyon turnoff. We crossed Ruxton Creek and the cog tracks, and found the unnamed trail leading out of Englemann Canyon. The crossing and trail-finding is a little confusing. I’m not confident that I used the optimal route here, but I did find the trail. The unnamed trail in Englemann Canyon is a mystery–it’s in good condition for an unofficial trail. The trail has steep switchbacks that climb up Shady Spring Gulch out of Englemann Canyon. The last chance to replenish water is at the creek crossing in Shady Spring Gulch. At the top of the switchbacks, there is a short section of class 2 scrambling to get around Magog rock. About 1/8 mile later the trail routes around the east side of Gog rock. From Gog rock, a dirt road leads to a Forest Service boundary sign and junction with a double-track trail leading up towards Cameron Cone. Note, my copy of the Pikes Peak Atlas (9th edition) shows this short stretch as a single-track trail.

Magog Rock:

Magog Rock

Magog Rock

Gog Rock:

Gog Rock

Gog Rock

Chris and Sammy on sandy gravelly ridge between Gog and Magog, Pikes Peak in distance:

Chris and Sammy near Gog and Magog

Chris and Sammy near Gog and Magog

Now that I’ve been up there, I can pick out Gog and Magog rocks from certain vantage points in Manitou Springs. Like Cameron Cone, they seem so close, but are difficult to reach.

This hike followed the GREEN line:

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6 thoughts on “Gog and Magog

  1. Me Chance think sound like you frog to scramble up and up to find Gog and Magog. Good thing no fog or smog so you not see or wet bog to slow you down. Maybe when done you ate big hog or just put on new togs. You wander more, tell me how goes. No lose you way, have fun, safe every day.

  2. Awesome, thanks for posting this. I’m going to be living up there and cannot wait to hike up to Cameron’s. Our future neighbors were trying to explain how to get there from where we will be (Sunrise Peak) but I wasn’t really following their directions. Your map will certainly help.

  3. Thanks Chris – I plan to do a short hike from Crystal Park this January and was interested in Magog & Gog and found you post helpful!
    Hope Chance has recovered 😉

  4. I don’t understand the difference between Gog and Magig trail and Cameron cone trail. cameron cone trail side by side with your route looks like the same route.

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