Early Spring Mt. Kineo Loop

Date: 3/22/2014
Who: Sammy and myself
Length: 6 miles
Time: 3 hours
Weather: 30-40 degrees, cloudy, foggy, sunny

Today we hiked the loop around Mt. Kineo, which I first blogged here. What made today interesting was the weather. Colorado Springs was overcast and cold, around 30 degrees F. As we ascended the Seven Bridges trail, we entered the clouds so it was foggy and ice-crystally. As we reached Jones Park, we emerged above the clouds to sunny, warm conditions. Then, we returned on Bear Creek trail and Buckhorn trail, re-entering the fog and snow.

We met a friendly couple from Chicago on the Seven Bridges trail. We saw signs asking for help finding a lost dog named Lucky, but we did not see the dog on our route. I think that I need to replace my camera. It’s adding an annoying background noise to all the video.

This hike followed the yellow line:

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1 thought on “Early Spring Mt. Kineo Loop

  1. Hey, thanks for the hike description, the weather sounded fun just for the contrasts! Two things technically: good news- I can see your route lines on the map now viamy phone, not sure if it was a recent update on my end or what; however, it wouldn’t play the video on my phone, just went straight to the post video YouTube type view of similar videos… Anywho, so glad you are still trampsing up and down those Rockies, and giving us a glimpse of the adventures…keep wandering 😉

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