Michelle’s Garden 2013

Date: 7/5/2013
Who: Michelle, Chris and Samadhi

Michelle worked really hard this year on her backyard garden. It has been very productive. I have enjoyed the fresh salads, and look forward to home-grown garlic and tomatoes in the coming weeks. Here is a “nickel tour”:

Photos taken March 30, 2013 and July 5, 2013. Amazing!

Michelle's Garden 3/30/2013

Michelle’s Garden 3/30/2013

Michelle's Garden, 7/5/2013

Michelle’s Garden, 7/5/2013

2 thoughts on “Michelle’s Garden 2013

  1. We watched the video as a family, & really enjoyed the tour by the C&M team;-)

    CKH liked the radishes best…not sure why. I think it especially cool when the “volunteers” prosper in a garden, like the zucchini plants all over. Erin likes it all, we are green with garden envy.

    We applaud your efforts, admire the localvoreness, and wish we could help you gobble up the goodies. Good luck with the kale, hope you try some other varieties,we particularly like eating the “elephant” variety and it seems hearty, maybe it would grow for ya. Have you ever tried the “three sisters” combo of corn, beans, squash? Might be interesting in your small beds to complement each other and give successive harvests. There has gotta be some type of corn that grows in CoSprings?!

  2. Enjoyed viewing your garden. I know how much sweat goes into planting, weeding, and watering. God does the rest. Enjoy eatting all the goodies. I don’t know how to video yet with my new phone and post on facebook, but maybe soon, I will send a picture or two of the Hennig garden, from MI..

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